IN ENGLISH – The mountain cabin for sale!

Five years ago me and my man had spent one year too many in the big city. Ok, I realize Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is not ”big” by international standards, but everything is relative. Several hours commuting through the city every day, hours spent on waiting, the stress and toxic environment of the city life… it just wasn’t the life we wanted to live.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, we decided to move to the mountains in the north of Sweden, and after a while we found the place of our dreams.

Moving to the country side, we felt a little bit anxious at first, would we feel too isolated? But the proximity to Åre, the ski resort with the best skiing in Scandinavia, activities all year round, an active nightlife and top quality restaurants made the move feel a little less dramatic. We are used to traveling a lot too, and in seven hours drive we were back in Stockholm when we felt homesick.

Then when we found our cabin, we felt we had the opportunity to have the best of two worlds. A beautiful old cabin to renovate exactly as we wanted, with 70 000 m2 of land to do whatever we liked with. Only 15 minutes from the village center of Åre and one foot in the wilderness.

We are now finished with the renovation. People ask us, now that we’ve finished, shouldn’t we just enjoy our time? But we’ve made sure to enjoy our time all the way through. We are not keen on postponing enjoying life. To have the opportunity to build and design exactly as we like it, in the pace we’ve wanted to, and the possibility to take the day off any time the sun shines and the temptation of skiing powder, a fishing trip to a mountain lake or just take it easy and enjoy the cabin and nature has been too big to resist.

It has been important for us to create a healthy living environment. Lots of wood in the interior, a house that breathes, avoidance of unhealthy toxic building materials. A living environment that inspires creativity, outdoor activities and enjoying life.

But now it’s time for new adventures! And to pass on this paradise of ours to the next person who needs it. We are leaving everything you need to start your life here. A boat to fish in the nearby lakes, equipment to take care of the forest, a snow mobile to explore the wilderness, and all you need to take care of the garden. Even the furniture, we think they fit so well, we’ll leave them too.

An unlimited supply of fresh air and clean water. We buy the best meat in the world from local hunters, reindeer farmers and grassed fed lamb and beef from local farms. We don’t hunt, but it is allowed on the property. Game fish that we fish from the mountain lakes or freshly imported from Norway, the best coffee we’ve ever tasted from world winning Åre kafferosteri and an abundance of small local dairy farms and vegetable farmers. And some of the worlds highest quality superfood, blueberries, lingonberry, raspberries, cloudberries, mushrooms, chaga, herbs and greens that you can pick for free in the forest, as much as you like! It’s everything you need to have one of the healthiest diets in the world.

The property have great potential. You can build what you’ll like, run it as a business and have big tax advantages. Maybe you’ll like to have some sheep, horses, chickens, a green house, drive snowmobile and off road driving on you property… It can be yours to decide.

What do you dream of?

We would really love to pass on this property now to someone who’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Welcome to contact us with any questions, we have an ad at a local broker, but, of course, it’s in Swedish.


Jonas and Lisa

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